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Cadet Fitness at The Citadel

The Citadel Physical Effectiveness Program (CPEP) is administered by the Health, Exercise, and Sport Science Department, in conjunction with the Office of the Commandant. Based upon the idea that effective leaders take pride in their own level of physical fitness, the CPEP focuses on two crucial components: body composition and physical training (PT). Cadets are expected to meet and maintain prescribed height and weight requirements. In addition, the Corps of Cadets is required to take a PT test each semester. To be classified as physically proficient, cadets must perform satisfactorily in both these areas. They must also be physically proficient to be considered for rank in their sophomore, junior, and senior years.

Height/Weight Standards for Entering Cadets:
For Males | For Females


The Citadel Physical Fitness Test (CPFT) is given at various times during each semester. Any cadet failing to meet minimum standards at any application of the test will be assigned to a remedial physical fitness program. Cadets must satisfactorily pass the physical fitness test to be physically proficient, which is a requirement to qualify for class privileges and graduation. NOTE: The sit-ups and push-ups are timed tests. You must complete the minimum required in two minutes - two minutes for the sit-up portion; another two minute period for the push-up portion.

Physical Fitness Test Requirements:
For Males | For Females


Ways to Improve Performance on CPFT:
Ways to improve sit-ups
Ways to improve push-ups
Ways to improve the two-mile run
Additional hints for a better score


Required Physical Education Program (RPED) is designed to provide an exemplary environment and experiences which contribute to an improved quality of life for the student. The program offers basic instruction in adult and lifetime physical fitness, healthful living, physical activities and recreational sports which are of immediate and lasting value. Each student is required to complete RPED 250, Contemporary Health Foundations, and RPED 251, Foundations of Fitness and Exercise, as well as two different activity courses.


The Medical History and Physical Exam Form is required for all incoming cadets. Positive answers on the medical history form must be fully explained. In some cases, supplemental reports will be required from attending physicians, surgeons, mental health professionals, etc. These documents will be used to determine if an applicant meets the physical standards for admission to The Citadel. Students who are denied admission because of medical disqualification shall receive a refund of any advance deposits. Failure to report previous medical illnesses or conditions will be grounds for termination of a cadet's career, with forfeiture of appropriate tuition and fees. Cadets who are not able to fully participate in cadet life because of a recurrence of a previous disorder will be evaluated by a Medical Review Board to determine suitability to continue in the Corps of Cadets.



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