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Confidentiality Statement

The Academic Support Center treats as confidential any written material obtained to verify a disability, to plan for appropriate services, or to document services and contacts with this office. The following are guidelines used by the Academic Support Center regarding disability related information:

All disability related information regarding students served by the Academic Support Center is housed in the Academic Support Center.

  • All disability related information is kept in separate files for each student and housed in secure file cabinets
  • Only staff persons working at the Academic Support Center have access to the files
  • Students who request services/accommodations acknowledge that some level of disclosure to select faculty may be necessary to provide the requested accommodation(s). Disclosure will occur with the student's specific written permission with the understanding that only necessary information for the purposes of accommodation will be communicated
  • A student may request to review the contents of his/her own file. This must be done in the presence of an Academic Support Center staff member. All information in the file is the property of The Academic Support Center
  • The Academic Support Center Students may receive copies of only disability related records verifying the disability and the need for services and accommodation(s). Students must sign a release for the copies and an inventory list of all materials copied will be kept in the folder
  • Seven (7) years after the last date of enrollment, all materials in a student's folder in the Academic Support Center will be destroyed

Information Disclosure

Periodically the Academic Support Center is asked to provide information about students identified and served through the office. This data is reported in a manner that protects the identity of all students. The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), also known as the Buckley Amendment, and the Americans with Disability Act of 1990 (ADA) do not allow faculty access to disability related information. The Citadel Academic Support Center, may, however, communicate to faculty, information that a student has a documented disability and a need for accommodation(s).

This Information Disclosure describes how disability information about a student who is registered with the Academic Support Center may be used and disclosed and how students can obtain access to their information. Please review this information carefully.

The Academic Support Center values the privacy of its students and the confidentiality of the personal, education, and health information entrusted to us. In order to protect this privacy, we have policies and procedures in place to limit disclosures of personal information to those who play a role in the delivery of services to the student, those to whom the student has given permission, and/or those required by law or public safety to have access to the information.

  1. Signed release. Information related to disability accommodations may be disclosed to persons the student has designated in a signed Release of Information form. The student can add or delete names by completing a new Release of Information form at any time.
  2. Legal requirements. Personal and/or documented disability information may be disclosed as required by court or administrative order, subpoena, discovery request, or other lawful process. It may also be disclosed when legally requested by national security, intelligence, and other federal officials.
  3. Contacts. The student may be contacted by the Academic Support Center to provide appointment reminders or other information of disability related benefits or services that may be of interest to the student.
  4. Other uses. Disability information can be disclosed to the proper authorities to prevent/control injury or disability to the student or to others. Uses and disclosures of disability and personal information other then described above will be made only with the student's (your) written authorization. Such authorization when given may be revoked in writing by the student (you) at any time.

The student also has certain rights related to his/her information retained in the Academic Support Center. These include:

  1. The right to inspect and obtain copies of personal disability information. Any such requests must be made in writing by the student to give the Academic Support Center permission to release the information. A cost-based fee may be charged for copying disability records. The Academic Support Center may deny, in writing, the release or viewing of personal disability information if the Academic Support Center Administration determines that the release of the information may be harmful to the student or another person. When such a request is denied, the student may request a review of the denial by a designated the Academic Support Center or Citadel reviewing official who did not participate in the decision to deny. Such request must be made in writing to the Academic Support Center, 171 Moultrie Street, 117 Thompson Hall, and Charleston, SC.
  2. The right to request limits on the amount of disability information released. Such request must be made in writing to the Academic Support Center. The Academic Support Center may release the information when such a release is mandated by the uses outlined above.
  3. The right to request that communications between the student and the Academic Support Center be kept confidential.

Duties of the Academic Support Center

To maintain privacy. The  Academic Support Center is required by law to maintain the privacy of protected disability information and to abide by this notice of its legal duties and privacy practices.

Information and complaints:

Students may file complaints regarding the security and/or privacy or discriminatory acts of their personal disability information with the Director of the Academic Support Center, Jane Warner, Ed.D.

Jane M. Warner, Ed.D.
Academic Support Center
171 Moultrie Street
Thompson Hall, Room 117
Charleston, SC 29409
843-953-1820 (V)
843-953-6823 (FAX)

Contact Information:

If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this site, you can contact Dr. Jane M. Warner at 843-953-1820 or

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