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 Week at a Glance for MATH 119 Students; Daily Schedule of LDRS 101

 The academic component of CSI (Citadel Success Institute) consists of taking academic classes. All CSI students are required to take these academic courses, which help to ease the transition between high school academics and the rigorous academic requirements at The Citadel. These courses teach skills that students can apply throughout their educational careers.

CSI students will work on writing, reading and study skills, and will apply these skill sets to their core academic courses. In addition, they will adjust to college-level schoolwork in a supportive environment where academics are emphasized. Study time is built into the daily schedule, and students are encouraged to work with their professors as well as the CSI and Citadel support staff to excel academically.

These students will take a core curriculum course as well as their Freshman-Experience Class: LDRS 101 or MATH 119 depending upon their major course of study.

*On the Registration form, students will select their FIRST choice for their core course as well as a SECOND-choice course. In the event that their first choice is full, students will be placed in their second-choice course. We will do our best to place each student in his/her first choice, but this can not be guaranteed due to space constraints.

    1. MATH 119 (College Algebra & Trigonometry):
      • Students needing to take MATH 131 (Analytic Geometry and Calculus I) for their scholarship program
      • Those students interested in pursuing a major or minor in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, or Chemistry (B.S.).

*MATH 119 will NOT count towards undergraduate degree requirements.

*To enroll in this course, students MUST take the Math Placement Exam and receive notification of placement from the math department (the MPE will open in EARLY JUNE and is taken ONLINE).

LDRS 101

CSI students also take the Citadel's First-Year Experience course (1 credit hour), commonly known as LDRS 101, unless they choose to take MATH 119. LDRS 101 is required of all students in their first semester at The Citadel. The majority of CSI students complete this requirement during the summer.

LDRS 101: First-Year Seminar
Citadel 101 provides the academic and life skills to help students make a successful transition to the unique environment of The Citadel. Students will develop their academic skills (reading, listening, note-taking, test-taking, time management, research skills, etc.) and will be introduced to campus facilities, resources, and support services. Some attention will also be given to lifestyle and relationship issues as well as to foundational leadership concepts. Students taking LDRS 101 during CSI should purchase and read the book A Few Good Men prior to the CSI start date in July.

We are currently developing the curriculum, which will be tailored to the students' needs.  Once the application deadline has been reached, we can finalize a curriculum that will match the academic requirements of this incoming group of CSI students.  For example, English 101/102, a core-curriculum humanities course, will be offered as well as other core curriculum courses.


ENGL 101/ENGL 102: Composition and Literature I & II

HIST 103: History of Western Civilization

MATH 104: Elementary Mathematical Modeling

MATH 119: Precalculus (ENGR, SCI, and MATH Majors)

PSCI 102: American National Government

PSYC 201:  General Psychology

All undergraduate students must take 4 semesters of ENGL, 2 semesters of HIST, 2 semesters of MATH (ENGR take more), as well as SOCIAL SCIENCE (PSCI & PSYC meet this requirement).

Therefore, all of the courses listed above will count toward core curriculum requirements except for MATH 119.  MATH 119 prepares students majoring in mathematics, sciences, and engineering for the required calculus sequence which begins with MATH 131: Analytic Geometry and Calculus I.  Students must, first, take the Math Placement Test (MPT) which will be available online in early June. Their score will determine whether they will place directly into MATH 131 or if they must, first, take MATH 119 . If they place into MATH 131, they will want to choose from the courses listed above other than MATH.









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