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Successful Graduates

Grey Turner“I am currently a Real Estate appraiser/consultant and a small business owner. SC Property Tax Relief is a company that I founded while attending The Citadel’s Evening Undergraduate Program. I assist commercial and residential clients with property tax exemptions, the appeals process, and a multitude of client-based valuation services/consulting. The Citadel school of Business affords opportunities and an education that in my opinion is unmatched. The professors are mostly real-world instructors that have expertise outside of academia which is a huge asset in the business world.

As the winner of the Business Bowl II, I obtained valuable knowledge through the process and gained mentors that no other college could offer. Through The Citadel’s network I gained indispensable relationships and advice by business professionals that will help grow my business beyond anything I previously could have imagined. In today’s business climate the Business School is leading the effort to push entrepreneurs as well as future leaders.

For incoming students there is no shortage of opportunities, take advantage of every single one of them and go outside of your comfort zone. You will be glad you did and will not find a better program or school.”

-Gray Turner



Brandon Kunasek“The Citadel School of Business empowered me toward my professional goals by providing both the technical, management, and leadership skills I needed to make my vision a reality in the global community. By furthering my understanding of leadership, the faculty and staff reconfirmed my potential, and helped me to redefine what I could achieve.

The principled leadership component of my business major helped me understand that leaders have an

  • optimistic vision for the future,
  • motivate others to achieve,
  • demonstrate loyalty,
  • respect the rights of others,
  • set a good example, pursue excellence,
  • treat others with concern and civility,
  • act courageously,
  • possess uncompromising integrity, and
  • remain steadfast to duty and honor

I will always cherish my time at the Citadel, and I remain thankful for the lifelong relationships with faculty, staff, and classmates that I was privileged to establish during my time there.”

-Brandon Kunask

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