The Citadel

The Military College of South Carolina

Executive Order 12372-Intergovernmental Review

Created: 28 July 2000

Edited: 30 June 2014

Procedure #: 600.190

Written By: Financial Services

Edited by: Office of Grants Administration and Sponsored Programs

1.0 Introduction

A. Executive Order 12372 requires specified grants to be submitted to the state clearinghouse prior to the college being able to accept the grant. The state clearinghouse sends the application to the appropriate agencies to make sure that the grant is not contrary to activities that they are conducting.

B. The grant application booklet or the CFDA catalog will indicate whether the grant is covered under EO 12372. The Citadel sends those grant applications to the Berkeley Charleston Dorchester Council of Governments (COG). The COG will forward the appropriate paperwork to the appropriate agencies. Once approved, the college will receive a letter from the State Budget and Control Board, Office of Grant Services. The approval will have a state identifier number on it. This number is to be used in any future correspondence with the state concerning this application.

2.0 General Definition of Responsibility

A. The Principal Investigator will develop the application and be responsible for mailing the application to the COG on or before the time the application is sent to the agency from which the grant is being requested.

The address for the COG is:

Berkeley Charleston Dorchester Council of Governments
1362 McMillan Ave. Suite 100
North Charleston, SC 29405

B. Once the applicable agencies have approved the budget, the college will be notified and the approval will be placed in the grant folder in the grants accounting office.

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