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A Quick Guide for Proposal Submission

Getting Started

  • Identify potential funding opportunity.
  • Review the sponsor guidelines thoroughly for eligibility and to determine if the scope of work is feasible.
  • Notify your Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) of plans to apply for a grant (even if undecided) by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
  • Alert your department head/chair of intent to apply.
  • Schedule meeting with the AOR at least 5 weeks before the submission deadline to discuss your program plans.
  • If human subjects will be involved in the project, contact the IRB to obtain the relevant approvals.

Proposal Preparation

  • Meet with AOR to start working on the budget and the grant application.
  • Negotiate any sub-award and/or consultant arrangements (if applicable) and finalize the budget.
  • Submit the budget, budget narrative, and project summary for review and approval through internal routing process.
  • Complete the proposal to include:
    • All proposal elements (i.e., narrative, abstract/summary, research plan, biosketch, budget justification, appendix, letters of support, etc.) any additional documents required by sponsor.
  • Faculty must ensure that the AOR has the following for review no later than 14 working days prior to the sponsor deadline:
    • Approved budget, budget narrative, and project summary. 
    • The final version of all proposal elements per the grant guidelines.
    • Approved sub-award and/or consultant arrangement (if applicable).
    • Other forms or documents required (i.e. letters of support, statement of institutional commitments, etc.).
  • If the 14 day deadline will not be met, email the Associate Provost and Dean of The Citadel Graduate College for a waiver to include the following information:
    • submission deadline,
    • name of sponsor,
    • name of AOR providing assistance,
    • reason for delay in submission, and
    • date when final application will be submitted to the AOR for processing.
    If a waiver is requested, the AOR will not proceed with the proposal submission without approval from the Associate Provost and Dean of The Citadel Graduate College.

Proposal Submission

  • AOR reviews and submits the proposal to the sponsor.

Proposal Award

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