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The School of Humanities and Social Sciences believes that study abroad is an invaluable supplement to a liberal arts education. Students who undertake it often find that it results in one of the most profound experiences of their college years and contributes significantly to their overall intellectual development and social maturation. There is no better way to enrich one's understanding of the diversity of the human experience or the position that the United States of America occupies within it.

Many Citadel faculty members regularly travel abroad to teach or do research in their areas of specialization. They are great sources for students seeking ideas or information about the possibilities for undertaking study abroad.

Individual departments within the School of Humanities and Social Sciences direct opportunities to study in a variety of countries. The Citadel's Office of International Studies assists students who wish to study abroad for a semester or a full academic year under the auspices of other colleges and universities. Each year, increasing numbers of our students avail themselves of these opportunities.

Annually, we have been able to offer up to four students who have a major or minor within the School of Humanities and Social Sciences finanical assistance for summer study. There are several criteria that must be fulfilled in order to be considered for one of these awards.

The School of Humanities & Social Sciences, in partnership with the Office of the Provost, is pleased to announce these four students as the recipients of the 2016 SHSS Study Abroad Award. A link to the blog each of them has kept during their time abroad is provided.


Vennessa Camacho

My name is Vennessa (Nessa for short) and I am originally from San Antonio, TX.  I am a Veteran Day student and will be a senior in 2015-2016 school year.  I was awarded a scholarship by the School of Humanities and Social Science at The Citadel for my study abroad trip to Ecuador.  I will spend 4 weeks in Cuenca, Ecuador living with another family as a foreign exchanged student.  I served 9 years in the U.S.A.F and had the opportunity to be temporarily stationed in Spain for 6 months.  While there I learned how within the Latin American culture each area differentiates their practices or beliefs.  I want to look further into this by visiting South America and getting a glimpse into the culture there.  I believe this will help me in my Psychology Major and Spanish Minor to eventually becoming a School Psychologist.

Link to Vennessa's Blog:


Sungho Jake Park

My name is Sungho Jake Park from Ellicott City, MD and I am a rising senior in Kilo company at The Citadel, Military College of South Carolina. Recently, I have been awarded by the School of Humanities and Social Sciences a scholarship and the opportunity to get a chance to travel to Spain and study abroad.

I have always wanted to further my education in a different country, and now is finally my chance to do so. The only other time I have left the United States was when I first moved to the United States from South Korea in 2005. Growing up, I've always been a huge soccer fan/soccer. 

I look forward to learning about the Spanish culture and visiting different soccer stadiums from all over the world to further my passion in soccer. I am excited to spend time with a Spanish family and to expand my knowledge about the culture.

Link to Sungho's Blog:


Logan Miller

My name is Logan Rayvon Miller and I am nineteen years old.  On the day of September 20, 1996, I was born to the parents of Sonya and Vincent Miller.  I have a younger sister named Lexus and a Cocker Spaniel named DJ.   I am a person who is very kind, considerate, outgoing, social, and humble.  I enjoy helping individuals and I love putting a smile on people’s faces. I am a rising sophomore at the Citadel with a double major in Exercise Science and Spanish.  I hold a 3.6 GPA and I have goals of becoming a Bilingual Physician Assistant.  Although I have a busy life, I am a Hurdler on the Citadel Track & Field Team; I am an avid reader, and I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.  

 For Summer 2016, I will be traveling to Cuenca, Ecuador.  With Professor Hellín and Dr. Segle, I will totally immerse myself in the culture for four weeks.   While there, I will take six-credit hours of Spanish Intensive Language and Culture Courses with Don Quijote. In addition, I will participate in different activities including dance and cooking classes, music exhibitions, movies, excursions in Machu and lectures about Ecuadorian history.  I will have the opportunity to stay with an Ecuadorian family and I will learn more about the customs and traditions of Ecuador.  

I chose the trip to Cuenca, Ecuador because I wanted to travel somewhere different.  The city is rich in history, architecture, and is known for its rich intellectual, artistic, and old-fashioned tradition.  Overall, I am very excited about the trip and what Ecuador has in store for me.  Studying abroad to Ecuador will be a great opportunity for me to leave the nest, explore the vast world at my feet, and contribute an array of different ideas to a learning environment that will help people,challenge assumptions, and broaden different perspectives.

Link to Logan's Blog:



Stone Goethe

My name is Stone Goethe. I am a rising sophomore cadet from the Citadel and as part of the Citadel Study Abroad to France, I am taking classes at Institut Linguistique du Peyrou in Montpellier France. Here I will show you how my aspiration to learn and experience French culture comes to fruition.

Link to Stone's Blog:



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