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News and Events: 2014-2015





• Congratulations to the four SSM professors honored at the fourth annual Citadel Faculty Excellence and Spotlight Awards! Dr Randy Blanton (CHEM), Dr. Robert Clark (PHYSICS), Dr. John Zardus (BIO), Dr. Danny Gustafson (BIO)!

• Congratulations to the four SSM professors honored at the fourth annual Citadel Faculty Excellence and Spotlight Awards! Dr Randy Blanton (CHEM), Dr. Robert Clark (PHYSICS), Dr. John Zardus (BIO), Dr. Danny Gustafson (BIO)! 

• The Fall 2015 Citadel Academy of Science and Mathematics Board Meeting was held on Friday, November 6th. It was a great meeting- a lot was accomplished, and a lot of great new ideas were discussed. After the meeting, the council members, faculty, staff, cadets, and alumni enjoyed a reception in Grimsley Hall before watching the Parade!  

• Congratulations to all the students who participated in The Citadel Student Research Conference (CSRC) 2015! There were 63 posters this year, with 152 student authors (undergraduate and graduate) representing eight academic departments. The School of Science and Mathematics had the following winners: 

Graduate Students: Charlye Marger, Erin Scherder (Bio)

Undergraduate Students: Kevin Stewart (Bio), Samuel Huntington (Chem), Raeven Lantz, Luis Pena, Newton McCollum, Peter Joseph, Benjamin McIntosh (MACS), Mark Maurice, Dylan Green, Joseph McCall, Joseph Littlejohn (Physics) 

• The CSMC Meeting was held on March 13th, 2015 in Grimsley Hall's Bernard Gordon Room. 

• The 2015 Annual Academy of Science and Mathematics Banquet was held at the Charleston Marriott on Thursday March 12th, 2015. We welcomed over 280 guests for an evening of cadet presentations during the cocktail reception, a delicious meal, and the opportunity to recognize 4 CASM inductees, as well as many outstanding students! For more information about how you can attend our 2016 banquet, please visit this link.

• The 2015 STEM FEST was held on February 7th. This 2-week annual event, which is an initiative of the Lowcountry STEM Collaborative, highlighted the many local STEM education  initiatives and allowed children and families to explore exhibits and  interactive demonstrations hosted by the collaborating organizations as well as local industries, non-profits and educational institutions in the area.

• Dr. Lok C. Yew Yan Voon, Dean of the School of Science and Mathematics, gave a talk entitled 2015: International Year of Light and the Nobel Prize on Friday, January 30, 2015, during which he discussed the latest nobel prizes and their relation to application to light

• Douglas Hofstadter, the Pulitzer Prize winning author of Gödel, Escher, Bach: The Eternal Golden Braid, will be giving a lecture on Tuesday, Jan. 27, 7p.m. in Duckett Hall Auditorium. The lecture is entitled "Do machines understand? Could machines ever understand?" Learn more about Dr. Hofstadter here. If you missed the lecture, don't worry, we have it on video HERE!


• 11 November 2014- The 2014 Citadel Math Jeopardy Contest II for freshmen was held in the Auditorium of Grimsley Hall. The contest started with warm welcome remarks by Cadet Marcus Harbol, the Vice President of the Math Club. Seven teams of freshmen competed in the contest. We sincerely thank Dean Lew Yan Voon for his full support for this event, and gratefully thank the Citadel Book Store and ARAMARK for their sponsorship.

• 7 November 2014- Council of Science and Mathematics (CSMC) Annual Meeting

• 7 November 2014- School of Science and Mathematics Departmental Open House

• 1 November 2014- The Citadel hosted the South Carolina Junior Academy of Science (SCJAS) Fall 2014 Workshop. The topic was Data Science and Big Data – Can it change science and medicine?

• 21 October 2014- The 2014 Citadel Math Jeopardy Contest I for upperclassmen was held in Grimsley Hall. Thirty-three upperclassmen competed in the contest.

• 6 October 2014- Cadet Brittany Crocker (Biology), on the front page of Post & Courier for her project on plastic degradation in the Charleston harbor 

• 6 October 2014- The School of Science and Mathematics hosted guest speaker Barry Goldman (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), who gave a presentation with tons of information for cadets who are interested in summer research internship opportunities. Over 25 cadets attended the presentation.

• 27 September 2014- Pre-Health Panel- A panel of distinguished alumni hosted "Meet the Experts" where students learned about various medical and dental specialties. Read about the panel members here!

• 23 September 2014- Dr. Paul Nolan (Biology) was the guest speaker for the Friends of Daniel Library's presentation series. He spoke about his trip to Antarctica and his work with penguins. He also showed off photos that were taken while he was doing his research. 


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